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Welcome to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United Arab Emirates. This site aims to provide timely information, services and support to all fellow Venezuelans living in this brother country, extending equally to all residents and nationals emiratís who want to have a first approach to our nation and its people.

On this page you can find information about the Embassy, its operation and main lines of cooperation projects with the UAE. At the same time you can find basic information about the political establishment, territorial, economic, commercial, social and cultural life of our country as well as various links and interesting links that take you deeper into each of the social relevance of our country.

Our consular section will find all the information necessary for the successful completion of the paperwork and requests from citizens and / or residents or nationals emiratís also to express our desire to always be prepared to provide better and more consistent attention.

Through this magic window could be in permanent contact with the Venezuelan national events, institutions and spirit of immense joy of our people.

It is my honor to represent the government and the heroic people of Venezuela, and work hard to strengthen ties of friendship, cooperation and respect between these two sister nations.

Charge D'Affaires
Mr. Robert Noriega

Simon Bolivar

Libertador de Venezuela
Statistics on Confiscations
and Detainees at Venezuelan

2002 - 2006 (PDF)

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